Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Figgy Christmas

One of Aunt Celia's stories is up on her blog, Http://gryffinitter.blogspot.com, or, if you are lazy a bit, just click here.

Mrs. Figg and Mundungus spend Christmas together in this one, and I must Aunt Celia seems just pleased as punch with it.

I had words with Dad just before fall term started, in case anyone noticed - all Muggle priv's were cut off after our last big blowout. No one can see how I dare but his closest friends - Dad is the biggest mush for his kids there ever was, really, although I am sure you couldn't find an old Death Eater who'd believe it for a minute; he's worse with us than Hagrid is with those monsters... but I have put my foot in it time and time again this year and he let me have it but good.

So, anyway, here I admit it publicly. Yes, dad, doing nice little things for Muggles without them realizing it really IS fun. And how you get away with it on your scale I will never know...