Saturday, April 25, 2009

Today, they really lowered the boom.

So you all know I am in such deep hot water for saying bad things about Muggles that I may never get out. Today, they did a really weird thing. At least Dad did. He took me to a wool festival with the rest of the family (I expected to be not allowed to leave the house, even though they did let me go home since Dad asked...) and he gave me money and said to pick out a spindle.

Now I've been spinning forever. You are simply not one of Mom's kids and unable to spin. I think the youngest she's taught anyone is like 3. (although cousin Rosemary was playing with roving before that.) Anyway, we looked around and he got me one of these spindles (cherry Tsunami, 2 inch, .75 ounces. Scroll down to see it). And then he told me about the day he and mom got married. Not the most famous part, but the part Dung is always mumbling about that I never entirely get.

See, when they weighed the wands at my parent's wedding, my mom of course didn't have a wand. So she brought her drop spindle and put that on the scale.

Now no one expected this to move the scale at all, because the scale weighs the magic of the witch or wizard who owns the wand, not the object the magic is in, so everyone was waiting for Dad's wand to practically crash through the floor - which was exactly what it did - and for mom's spindle to just hang there, weightless. But that was NOT what happened. Her spindle balanced out his wand.

So now I am supposed to try to find a way to take this spindle, which is not magical to begin with, and, without using any magic (Don't even give me a suggestion - he's an AUROR - he KNOWS) I have to find some way to make the magic in it equal the my dad's magic.

And then I have to write an essay about what I learn from this.

Expect me to be off double not-so-secret probation sometime around the return of King Arthur...

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